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"...a satisfying read, with good characters and a strong sense of place."
Roundup Magazine

"The story is fast-moving and engaging and the characters are complex and varied enough to avoid being stereotypes...Zimmer is right on when it comes to descriptions of the clothing, guns and gear, and the paraphernalia and process of buffalo hunting prior to the Civil War.

".This is the kind of historical novel I like, because in reading it I not only enjoyed myself, but...I learned something about the various cultures that populated "Bloody Kansas" just before the Civil War.
The Shootist

Where The Buffalo Roam

Born a slave on an East Texas cotton plantation, Clay Little Bull was captured by the Kiowa as a small child and raised among the wild tribes. But at the age of twenty, he left the only home he'd ever known and began a journey in search of freedom.

Now, an outcast among whites, blacks, and Indians, Clay came face to face with the hypocrisy and lawlessness that ruled the West—and drew first blood when he escaped from a band of Kansas slave hunters. Joining forces with an adventure-seeking buffalo hunter named Ty Calhoun, he led a band of freed men and a beautiful young Indian woman across the great, wind­swept Western plains in search of a place where he belonged. But with every mile he traveled, Clay moved closer to a truth he was born with: that freedom isn't found in a place or a people, but in a man's willingness to love, fight and die.

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-Wrangler and Spur Winner-

Michael Zimmer

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