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Melinda Wayne Munoz and Wyatt McCrea

The Wrangler Award


The Wrangler

Scenes from the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum's 2015 WranglerAwards, commonly called the Oscars of the Western Arts. "The Poacher's Daughter" won the Wrangler for Outstanding Novel. Although it looks tiny here, approximately 850 people filled the banquet room that evening.

The original "End of the Trail," by James Fraser.

Patrick and Ethan Wayne

Saturday morning rehearsal.

Western Writers of America Convention

Sacramento, CA 2014

From left: Krista Soukup, Michael Zimmer, Mike Long, Dale Jackson, and Lucia Robson.

Accepting the 2015 Spur Finalist Award for

The Poacher's Daughter

​​Western Writers of America Lubbock, TX

Western Writers of America Conferences

Western Writers of America Convention

Cheyenne, WY 2016

Craig Johnson (Longmire) and Krista Soukup (Blue Cottage Agency)

Western Writers of America Convention

Las Vegas, NV 2013

Win Blevins (Give Your Heart to the Hawks; Stone Song)

Western Writers of America Convention

Sacramento, CA 2014

From left: Krista Soukup, Michael Zimmer, Mike Long, Dale Jackson, and Lucia Robson.

Western Writers of America Convention

Cheyenne, WY 2016

From left: Peter Joseph (St. Martins Press), Anne Hillerman (Song of the Lion), Krista Soukup (Blue Cottage Agency), Stuart Rosebrook (True West Senior Editor)

Western Writers of America Convention

Albuquerque, NM 2012

Left to right: Michelle Black (Séance in Sepia), Tiffany Schofield (Acquisitions Editor at Five Star/Cengage), myself, the Boggs family - Jack, Lisa, and Johnny D. (Return to Red River)

Salt Lake City book signing for thriller novelist Marc Cameron (on the right).

Marc is the author of his own successful Jericho Quinn series,

as well as continuing Tom Clancey's Jack Ryan series.

James Crownover, Patrick Dearen, and myself at the 2016 WWA Convention in Lubbock, TX

James was a double Spur Award winner that year for his debut novel: Wild Ran the River.


Patrick was the Spur winner for his novel: The Big Drift.

Reenactments and Historical Historical Sites

This was a three day horseback ride

I took with a good friend in October of 1989.

That's Tim Hopper on the Appaloosa.

I'm riding the buckskin.

Easter Rendezvous at Fort Buenaventura State Park, 1986

The Virginia City Buffler Runners Meet just outside of Virginia City, Montana -- one of the best Black Powder Cartridge Rifle events and Buffalo Hunters camps in the nation in the 1980s and early 1990s.

Scouts William Comstock, Ed Guerrier, Thomas Adkins, and of course, California Joe Milner. Kansas, late 1860s, possibly with Custer's 7th.

One of the best winter camps I've ever participated in. Snowed all day our last day, then a blizzard the night before we pulled out. These photos were taken right before we started breaking camp. Note the drifts next to the wind-swept grass.

American Mountain Man -- Utah State Rendezvous - 1988

Early morning at the old Patoka Valley Long Rifles range in Southern Indiana. That's Larry McCoy getting the breakfast fire going. Larry is an excellent rifle maker He made the smooth bore I'm carrying in the top photo, and the flint rifle I still carry today, Larry's a good friend, and was my mentor when I first started getting into re-enacting.

Among other personas, Larry portrayed a member of Roger's Rangers during the French and Indian War period. That's him on the lower left.

Copy of Copy of Minimal alphanumeric bla

-Wrangler and Spur Winner-

Michael Zimmer

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