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"Another deftly scripted and original western from a true master of the genre."

Wrangler and Spur Award-winning author Michael Zimmer brings us another page-turning American historical fiction novel.

Sergeant Andrew Cade and seven troopers are hard on the trail of the Hollister Gang, determined to free a trio of women Ben Hollister and his men have taken captive after a raid on the town of Rio Largo, Texas. Crossing the Rio Grande into Mexico should have guaranteed the outlaws’ safety. But they hadn’t counted on the iron-tough sergeant’s determination to finish his mission.

Meanwhile, in Mexico, José Yanez and his Hunters have just massacred a village of Indians and are fleeing south with their plundered goods and the scalps they intend to sell for a bounty. Assuming they can outrun the Apache known as Geronimo.

Now all three groups are converging on a town deep in Mexico called Villa Lobos—House of Wolves.

Zimmer, an award-winning western author, knows the terrain, the weather, the weapons, the animals and the people of this forbidding land. The action—there’s lots of it—does not overpower the characters, their deeper motivations and honest feelings. Despite many quick point-of-view changes, the layered story flows fast and well. Zimmer’s prose and dialogue fit nicely. Villa Lobos is a solid addition to the post-Civil-War lore of the Southwest.

-- Historical Novel Society

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-Wrangler and Spur Winner-

Michael Zimmer

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