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With its long journey, large cast of characters, and various subplots, the novel approaches McMurtry territory. Like McMcurtry, Zimmer takes time to develop his characters and their motivations, and the conflict grows organically out of their relationships rather than being imposed on them by the requirements of the story. A rich, mutltilayered, and suspenseful novel, another winner...


The Long Hitch

In 1874 Utah territory, young teamster Buck McCready becomes wagon boss for the Kavanaugh freight outfit after his mentor, Mason Campbell, is murdered. With the Kavanaugh outfit engaged in a wagon train race that will decide whether Kavanaugh or a competitor lands a lucrative freight-hauling contract, Buck vows to find Campbell's killer. But first he must win the race, a difficult task considering there's a saboteur among his crew and a hired gun out to take him down -- plus the possibility that Campbell's killer is after Buck, too.

A believable, gritty, and action-packed tale of the real Old West.
Publishers Weekly

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-Wrangler and Spur Winner-

Michael Zimmer

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