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"Another deftly scripted and original western from a true master of the genre."

Wrangler and Spur Award-winning author Michael Zimmer brings us another page-turning American historical fiction novel.

Sergeant Andrew Cade and seven troopers are hard on the trail of the Hollister Gang, determined to free a trio of women Ben Hollister and his men have taken captive after a raid on the town of Rio Largo, Texas. Crossing the Rio Grande into Mexico should have guaranteed the outlaws’ safety. But they hadn’t counted on the iron-tough sergeant’s determination to finish his mission.

Meanwhile, in Mexico, José Yanez and his Hunters have just massacred a village of Indians and are fleeing south with their plundered goods and the scalps they intend to sell for a bounty. Assuming they can outrun the Apache known as Geronimo.

Now all three groups are converging on a town deep in Mexico called Villa Lobos—House of Wolves.

The Devil by His Horns OFFICIAL FRONT.jpg
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-Wrangler and Spur Winner-

Michael Zimmer

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