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Hell had come a-callin' on the remote cattle town of Sand Creek, Nebraska Territory. Wide-spread rustling from the area's ranches was about to destroy the local cattle industry, and the recently opened Black Hills, with its gold camps like Custer City and Deadwood, were prime markets for the stolen beef. That's why the Cattlemen's Association brought in Luke Howard and a handful of others as Range Detectives, men experienced in the ways of cattle -- and guns. But Luke knew that if they were ever going to stem the tide of stolen beef, they would have to find out who was directing the operation from behind the scenes. And that might mean going up against the very men who hired them.

This stark, realistic portrait of Nebraska in the 1870s ... rises above formula in its depiction of racism and unscrupulous financiers on the Nebraska frontier.

The fast pace is sustained, suspense is high, and the characters are solid and real -- a believable combination of good and bad.

—Library Journal

Copy of Copy of Minimal alphanumeric bla

-Wrangler and Spur Winner-

Michael Zimmer

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