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"A magnificent novel of sweeping proportions. Zimmer's characters are superbly drawn, and live way beyond the ordinary imagination. Here is an writer to welcome into the ranks of the very best novelists of today or anytime."

Jory Sherman, author of "Grass Kingdom"

A splendid, taut, towering novel ... one of the best mountain man stories ever written.

Richard Wheeler, author of "Goldfield"



The gripping, beautiful, and vividly realistic saga of men who gave their blood and tears to a country as wild as their souls. From the red-tinged Sangre de Cristo Mountains to the snows of the Great Salt Lake, they plunged into a pristine wilderness, pursuing a rich man's vendetta and a missing trove of beaver pelts. Among the high, harsh peaks and embracing valleys they would fight, hunt, and die.

[There is] a wealth of historical fact interwoven in a plot filled with a cast of spirited, colorful characters.
Johnny Quarles, author of "Fool's Gold" and "Spirit Trail"

Copy of Copy of Minimal alphanumeric bla

-Wrangler and Spur Winner-

Michael Zimmer

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